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Teeter Creek Tales

A Brief Reflection on Herbs and Alternative Modes of Healing

There are times when I am truly amazed by the healing power of a few simple herbs. This is often the case even with people who have been through many alternative regimes, or are trying many at once, and often including multiple natural supplements that may contain close to a hundred different herbs and vitamins. What is going on when a few fresh herbs can give more dramatic results than bombarding the body with everything that a person is supposedly lacking?


Entering Into the Green World: Plant Awareness and Identification

For many people the identification of plants can seem overwhelming. No one wants to poison themselves and the mass of green stuff out there can make the task seem hopeless. Finding a plant and then trying to wade through a field guide can get aggravating.


Journey To Teeter Creek

The little valley where we live and work has so much to do with how we came to live and do what we do. I grew up in the '60s outside of St. Louis in a new subdivision set among the last remnants of fields and farms. The little patches of woods and creeks were my refuge and solace. Growing up and watching these disappear made me seek out the wild places even more. Soon after I got my driver's license I drove as far back into the Ozark Hills, where I'd often gone canoing and camping, as I could go, and sat terrified all night in a pup tent as the worst lightning storm I've yet seen raged on and on.

But in a moment of blessed sleep I dreamed that a fine-dressed Indian man told me that I would give my bones up in a place like this and I felt my bones sink into the Earth, and there felt embraced and protected. I have been tied to the Earth ever since.

Teeter Creek

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