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Herbal Formulas

The following is a list of all of the extract formulas we sell. Click on a formula name below to see a description of the formula. All of our formulas are extracted in distilled water and pure grain alcohol with an herb strength of 1:2 or 1:4. If you'd like to search the formulas by symptom, use the search engine on the left hand side of the page. You may order from our secure Web store by clicking on the order button.

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A/Y 2 oz.
Uses: Supports Healthy Immune Functions and Healthy balance of Flora Contains: Usnea,, Echinacea,,Olive Leaf,,Peppermint, 2 0z.
Supports healthy adrenals and promotes vitality. Contains: Avena sativa (Oats), Ginseng (American), Skullcap, Licorice 2 oz. Bottle
ALR Formula
Contains: Maitake Mushroom,, Nettles,, Dandelion Root,, Licorice 2 oz. Bottle
Uses: Used to support upper respiratory breathing. Contains: Mullein,,Grindelia,,Elecampane,, Lobelia,, Licorice
Black Walnut Formula
Uses:Supports Healthy Intestinal Environment Contains: Black Walnut Hull,, Wormwood,, Cloves
Bronchaid 2 oz.
Uses: Supports The Health Of The Upper Respiratory Tract; A Soothing Expectorant For Mucous Tissues. Contains: Mullein,, Elecampane,, Pleurisy Root,, Wild Cherry Bark,,, Ginger
C/F Formula 2 oz.
Uses: Supports Health Immune Functions; Upper Respiratory Support; Maintains Healthy Mucous Secretions Contains: Echinacea,, Elder Berry,, Usnea,, Peppermint,, Ginger
Child Soothe 2 0z.
A child calming formula Contains: Chamomile,, Catnip,, Melissa,,Elder Flower,,Stevia
Detox 2 oz.
Contains: Burdock Root,, Yellow Dock Root,,Echinacea,, Red Clover,, Prickly Ash Bark
Digestaid 2 oz.
Uses: Supports the digestive process; Soothing in digestive discomfort. Contains: Chamomile,, Meadowsweet,,Dandelion Rt,,Calamus,, Fennel
HD 2 oz.
Uses: Soothing for cranial discomfort. Contains: Betony,, Vervain,, Meadowsweet,, Skullcap,, Rosemary
HM 2 oz.
Uses: Supports health of the veins and venous circulatory system. Contains: Stone Root,, Witch Hazel,, Horse Chestnut,, Ginger rt
Immunaid 2 oz.
Uses: An aid in healthy immune function Contains: Maitake Mushroom,, Astragalus,, Ginseng,, Licorice,,
Inf 2 oz.
Uses: Promotes a healthy inflammatory response; supports the musculo-skeletal system Contains: Wild Yam,, Black Cohosh,, Meadowsweet,,Licorice,, Prickly Ash Bark,,Peppermint
Ivy Aid 2 oz.
Uses: A topical poison ivy aid Contains: Grindelia,Jewelweed,, Sassafras,,Chickweed
Lvr-Tone 2 oz.
Uses:Supports healthy functions of the liver Contains: Dandelion Root,, Milk Thistle,,Maitake,, Licorice,, Fennel
Lymphaid 2 oz.
Uses: An aid in healthy function of the lymph system. Contains: Red Root,, Cleavers,, Echinacea,,Burdock Root, Ginger
Mentalert 2 oz.
Uses:Support to improve memory, flow to the micro-vascular system and anti-oxidant protection Contains: Ginkgo,, Gotu Kola,, American Ginseng,, Rosemary
MNPS 2 oz.
Uses: Natural hormonal balance and support for the menopausal years Contains: Chaste Berry,, Black Cohosh,, Motherwort,,Black Haw Bark, Licorice,, Peppermint
Mouthwash/Gargle 2 oz.
Uses: Supports the tissues of the gums, throat and tonsils Contains: White Oak Bark,, Echinacea,, Heal All,, Wintergreen Oil
Uses: Supports normal relaxation, soothes excitement brought on by stress and for normal sleep. Contains: Passion Flower,, Valerian Root,, Lemon Balm,,Skullcap,,Stevia 2 Oz.
Prostaid 2 oz.
Uses: Support for healthy prostate function Contains: Hydrangea Root,, Saw Palmetto,,Gravel Root,, Cleavers,, 2 Oz.
Sheep Sorrel Formula 2 oz.
Uses: The Essiac Native American formula used for normal de-toxification Contains: Sheep Sorrel,,Burdock Root,, Turkey Rhubarb Root 2 Oz.
Sinease 2 oz.
Uses:Promotes normal secretions from the nose and eyes. Promotes balance in the sinus tissues. Maintains a healthy response to seasonal stressors Contains: Elder Flower,, Goldenrod,, Eyebright,, Ginger 2 Oz.
Spirit Lift 2 oz.
Uses: Promotes a healthy state of emotional well-being. Contains: St John's Wort,, Avena sativa,, Lemon Balm,, Lavender 2 Oz.
Uraid 2 oz.
Uses: urinary tract health support Contains: Gravel Root,, Goldenrod,,Hydrangea,, Cleavers,, Ginger Root 2 Oz.
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